Neo Collins is one of the main characters of the webtoon Rebirth. He is the thirteen year old son of Noah Collins.


Neo is a teenage boy with dark hair, usually covering the right side of his face. His eyes are navy blue, and he has pale skin. He has a mole on his left eye. He usually wears a white mask to cover his face. After Noah gifted him his red earring, he started wearing it too.


Neo has a cold personality, often shutting himself away from everyone and has only been seen opening up to animals. This is a direct impact of his childhood experiences and the trauma he suffered from being shunned by his own family.


From what we have seen in the series, Neo started as a happy toddler. The first time Noah shunned him, was when he found out that Parish cheated. This happened around kindergarten. After a while, Neo became cold and shut himself off from the world.



Red EaringEdit

Neo possesses a red earring, which he received from Noah as a birthday gift. Using this earing, he can store any amount of goods into it magically without it occupying any extra space or weighing anymore, making it an extremely useful object.

Unknown Ability Edit

Neo also possesses an ability that we have not been shown yet. When activating his ability, black particles are shown. From what we can infer, it is an offensive ability. Mana has witnessed his ability, and from what we can tell, is afraid of it.


Noah CollinsEdit

Noah Collins is Neo's thought to be father. So far, Neo has been cold to him due to the past of Noah ignoring him all his life and he never really bonded with him as Noah once yelled in the past that Neo wasn't his son.

Parish CollinsEdit

Parish is Neo's birth mother. Neo refers to her usually as 'Old Hag'. From what has been shown so far, neither of them has a respected relationship which each other.

Abel CollinsEdit

Abel is Neo's step-brother, at first was thought to be his birth brother. In reality, Abel is his cousin. So far in the series, Neo is not fond of him, calling him names such as 'brat'.


Mr. Floofy McFlufferton the Third, aka Hail, is Neo's pet dog. So far, Hail is one of the only ones to receive some amount of fondness from Neo. He is seen taking care of Hail very well, including in asking for proper dog food.



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